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‘A Silent Sound’ is the rock band founded by Tom Luchies. ‘a Silent Sound’ takes you on travels far beyond what you know and everything that you’ve ever seen. While embarking on a journey across the world in 2015, visiting places like Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, the inspiration was found for the beginning of ‘a Silent Sound.’

The upcoming album ‘COMPASS’ is all about the journey of a young man to a once lost place among the sea shores. To fulfil his father’s last wish, he needs to leave all behind and experience the world and all it has got to offer him.

Just as the planet once used to be, this album is without boundaries and restrictions and is the complete image of such a journey along unknown places, new experiences, the beauty of the world itself and all the other sides of the coin. It will never be easy to achieve something you truly believe in, but it is never impossible.

‘COMPASS’ is the debut album and will be released with FREYA RECORDS. Release date will be released as soon as it’s known.

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