Recording Solo Material

It’s starting to become autumn here in Sweden!
The colours are beautiful, orange mixed with brown and green. Birds collecting all they can for winter and people are also stacking up on firewood.

I’ve been stacking songs and ideas in my head since traveling, so at the moment I’m busy recording songs for my upcoming album. This will be an album inspired by the world and the traveling I’ve done. So many impressions and experiences to write and record!

2016-sept-23-blogpostThe album will be a mix of folk, pop, rock, progressive rock with a hint of world music. Hopefully there will be a record company eager enough to release this album! But what the concept album will be like when it’s finished, will be a surprise.

Please come by every now and then, because I will keep you posted. Not only about the album, but also about what keeps me inspired, memories, daily life and other things that keep me going. For now, please check out my projects, because awesome things are coming up!