He’s always there. He’s always in the same spot. He never really makes a sound, he just resonates sound from his surroundings. He’s always there in the corner, waiting patiently for something to happen. He can see all I do in the studio and he hears every sound I make. He’s been around me since Thailand. Since the beautiful Loy Krathong experience in Chiang Mai, with thousands of lanterns lighting up the skies, filling the air with joy, wishes and honor.

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‘Bob’, was adopted in Chiang Mai. The need to play guitar was so big, that we looked for a suitable travel companion. Bob is great, thus only 3/4 of a full size and Bob travelled with us for almost 8 months. Bob will always be a part of the traveling and Bob will therefore always be around.

When I started the recordings of A Silent Sound at the beginning of 2015, I didn’t even know where it was going. I just had a bunch of songs and started somewhere in the middle. First the instrumental parts were recorded and while commuting to work everyday I wrote the lyrics for almost all the songs, inspired by the movement and people being so busy and preoccupied.

Before I even had lyrics, I send the rough demos to Chris and Jeroen to see if they were interested in helping me. And luckily they were. This was finally going somewhere after years of pondering whether to record my own music or not. So, off to the studio! Recording drums while Chris helped me out with engineering and producing (since I’m not a producer). I can remember very well recording the beat ring. One hit and it was done! Then I asked Auke and Guus to do some bass work. Guus for the slightly more ‘progressive’ songs and Auke for the more ‘pop/tight’ songs. And this worked perfect. These days it’s really easy to record everything in your living room! Rik took care of a couple of piano tracks and then it was my turn again to finish the lyrics, and record the damn voices. I finished the last song somewhere half way August, a couple of weeks before we would fly to Mongolia. With a little help from my friends…

Just like Bob, those people will always be around. They made A Silent Sound to what it is now. They made the sound, the feel and their creativity helped lifting up this project to a higher level. With a little help from my friends I recorded the songs. In a way those amazing musicians traveled with me through:

Mongolia, where we enjoyed the beautiful steppes and lived an authentic nomadic life for week;
China, where we truly felt lost and found ourselves in chaos, riding trains for 16 hours;
Vietnam, where we felt home and welcome because even when the Vietnamese have been in war for over hundreds of years, their smiles are so warming;
Thailand, where we’ve experienced Buddhist customs and learned yoga on a tropical island; New Zealand, where literally every corner you turn the view is even more overwhelming than the view before;
Australia, where we spent time in proper cities again and cruised along the coastline.

And I realised just a few weeks ago, that I didn’t even properly thank them.

This way I want to express my gratitude to the amazing people who helped me with this project and made it to what it is now.

Christiaan Bruin, because you always inspire me through your own work and creativity, but also through your insights of the music business and progressive ways of putting stuff on the market.
Jeroen van Santen, for your big personality, your loud laughs and your pure and honest happiness.
Rik van Honk, for your amazing piano playing and awesome you.
Auke Haaksma, for your playing, your easygoing-ness and the good talks we’ve had.
Guus van Mierlo, for your unlimited creativity.
Linda for always supporting me and directing me in the right way.

You can listen to A Silent Sound on Soundcloud. In the future I will see if this will be released on  a physical disk. For now, enjoy the music and thanks for reading.