Time Travel

I find it interesting how you can have a certain feeling with a song of story or photograph or painting or anything really. As soon as you hear it, smell it, see it you find yourself back in that specific time where you heard it or saw it for the first time. Smells come to mind, people you shared that moment with come to mind, you think of the surroundings and you almost feel the weather around you moving.

In New Zealand we traveled in a beautiful Toyota Hiace van which was built into a camper van. Perfect for the three of us (Linda, Me and Bob the Thai guitar 😉 ).  We traveled around from the Bay of Islands to the East Cape all the way down to the South Island and back again. Living in a van for a little longer than just a holiday gives you the space to create your own ‘library’ of feelings and references. When we cook a vegan curry, it makes me think of the van. When we step into the car and listen to ‘The Black Keys’ while driving, it makes me think of the ‘Forgotten World Highway’.

When I hear or play a song I wrote in NZ, for example ‘Refuge/On the Road’ (working title), it makes me think of the time that I visited the High School in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, where I was a guest and talked about what it is like being an artist, a creative person. It makes me think of the day I recorded three songs in the local studio with Gus. And it also makes me think of the day that we stopped at a beautiful riverbank to enjoy the view and record this song live. The camera we used wasn’t really suitable for this, because the sound is a bit overwhelmed by the river, but I’m still sharing this with you. All of the sudden in the middle of the song a fisherman appears out of nowhere and he just doesn’t pay attention to anything we’re doing. He’s just there to catch fish. Check it out in the video below what this looked like. He made this video awesome.

The day we went hiking the ‘Tongariro Crossing’, we stayed at a campsite where I recorded a lot of ideas with my MP3-player. Yes, I still go with a MP3-player. Now I am working out all those songs and they constantly give me the familiar feeling of the place I wrote the songs. It’s like time travel.

I can unfortunately not arrange for you to feel those references too, but I do hope when you hear a song, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, that you will build this library of references. So when you hear the song I attached below, that you will think about this story, or the place you are reading this at or the coffee you’re having. That would be amazing. It makes us a lot more aware of what’s happening around us. And that’s just nice.

PS: Working Title: Refuge/On the Road. The song is about much more than traveling around. Even on the other side of the world the news reached us and we followed all the sh•t that’s happening on this planet. We are pretty damn lucky we are not in a position in which we have to leave behind e-very-thing we’ve ever known. Let everybody have a chance of living a life.