Be like trees.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a road trip we thought, so we stepped into the car and drove West, towards Norway. While being a spectator of  amazing views, farmland, beautiful houses and picturesque towns I was thinking.

2016-10-15 Trees.jpg

Autumn is so much different than the other seasons. In spring everything and everybody comes alive, ready to start a new season to be fruitful. Winter is just cold and everything turns white as the snow starts to fall and daylight is not so common anymore. Especially here in Sweden. Summer is hot, warm, full of life, happy, easy and being outside is the most common thing.

But Autumn is sending us a message. She’s changing colours from bright green to bright red, orange and yellow. Constantly changing, different every day. Animals are gathering and even more busy than spring. They seem to play hastily, but then sitting and enjoying the changing hot weather to something cooler. Autumn is relaxed in a way. 

Sun goes down sooner, sun is less warm, but you still feel her presence. The world is alive and very handsome. Trees start to let go off their leaves and they catch less wind every day. As if they’re saying that it’s alright to change with your surroundings. The world is a dynamic place. It’s constantly changing, moving forward in a natural way.

We as a species tend to get stuck in a non-dynamic, very static way of living. We grow up, creative, but have to let go as soon as we start to go to school. We have to stick between the lines. Just because of the simple fact that we have to move along in the stream of ‘society’.

We hold on to things we gathered, we hold on to what we’ve learned. Not asking questions, not looking beyond what we know. We eat certain things, because we’ve learnt that we need specific nutrients. We stick to a job, because we choose  financial security over freedom. We choose  over creativity. But there’s a life outside these borders. We slowly turn ourselves into static zombies, waiting for all those dreams to happen.

2016-10-15 Bil Kyrkogård VW Kever.jpg
Nature taking over when being static.


Look around you, see what you can learn and adapt. We are not made to be static creatures. We are made with a brain, creativity, dreams, a choice. Not happy with the job? Look for a different one, don’t settle before you are happy every single day. You got the feeling that you need to do something different? Go find out what that is. No one is saying that it’s easy, but it’ll give you a great feeling. That’s worth it.

Don’t be Static.
Trees are Dynamic.
Trees are Unique.
You are Human.
Be like Trees.