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Star Trek is sexy. The series began with a dancing, green-skinned woman and clad its cast at various points in miniskirts and leotards. Captain Kirk and his spiritual successor Commander Riker show alien women what this thing called love is, Spock literally goes into heat, Klingon sex apparently incorporates poetry and throwing things, and the cutest alien of all, the Tribble, lives only to breed. After episodes and 13 movies so far , Star Trek has given us seductive salt vampires, sex bots, mating rituals, sexual performance enhancers, mind rapey telepaths, a holodeck where you can play out any sexual fantasy, and shirtless Riker. The show even gave us the first major slash ship in fandom, as fans of the show published whole fanzines about Kirk and Spock finally getting together. Yeah, Star Trek is sexy.
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Sexualized Saturdays: “Fully Functional,” Lt. Commander Data and Asexual Representation

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In contemplating possible articles related to ace week, I tried to think of classic geek characters who are asexual. But why? Is there something about our sexual lives that is so essential to our identities that it requires exposition in our fictional characters, or is this just an example of ace erasure? After some additional geeky contemplation, it occurred to me that there is one beloved character who is, in fact, perfectly suited to explore this exact question: Commander Data.
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Next up, we look at another popular artificial person on television—a certain member of the Federation of Planets, an officer in Starfleet Command: Lieutenant Commander Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation. After all, no list of android, or android sex, on TV would be complete without Data. Expertly played by Brent Spiner for seven seasons, and in several movies, Data can be innocent, playful, humorous, and, yes, even sexual.
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Discussion in ' Star Trek: The Next Generation ' started by Yvaine , Jul 20, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Data's Sexuality Discussion in ' Star Trek:
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