M en M

Music & Vocals: Tom Luchies
Lyrics: Tom Luchies & Linda Baur
Mixing & mastering: Christiaan Bruin
Vocal arrangements: Tom Luchies & Christiaan Bruin


If I’d be just one, just one single tree
Would you be the bird, that lives under leaves
Even when rain and even when snow falls
Stay nearby me, you saved me

Pre Chorus
No one ever said it’s gonna be light
To live a life
No one ever said that two would be light
But we’ll be alright

Hold my hand
And say to me that you want to be
By my side
You are all that I’ll ever be

Thank you dear for getting on my way

If I’d be as small as a fish in the ocean
Would you be a wave, and take me away
Over the reef and over the oceans
So far away, just take me away

Pre Chorus


To laugh, to live, to learn from life
To fight, to love, to hold you tight
To cry, to give and take sometimes
With you I always feel alive (2x)

Refrein (2x)

If I’d be just one, just one single tree
I’ll stay with you, will you stay with me?