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A year after escaping her captors, she has been denied asylum in the UK. She had hopes of becoming a lawyer in her home country. She subsequently became a source of shame to her family. She and her parents had to move away from their home city to get away from the family. But when her father told her several years later that she was to have an arranged marriage, she felt she had to comply. This had never been her plan, but — again — she felt she must comply in order to make up for the supposed shame she had brought on herself before.

Albanian women trafficked in EU: abused, rejected, abandoned

Albanian women trafficked in EU: abused, rejected, abandoned - Nederlandse Grondwet

Albanian gangs operating at the "higher end of sophistication" are being linked to a surge in the number of trafficking victims brought to the UK. Sky News met 15 victims at a shelter in Vlore, a city in the south of Albania which remains a hot spot for the country's trafficking network. These women and girls are victims of Albanian trafficking gangs and are now receiving help from the charity Vatra. She told Sky News how it brought shame on her family and described how she was beaten by her own mother and brother. After fleeing her home she ended up in the hands of one of Albania's trafficking gangs in Italy and was forced to work unpaid as a prostitute in the UK for 18 months. She told Sky News:

Sworn to virginity and living as men in Albania

Albanian sworn virgins in Albanian: Burrnesha are women who take a vow of chastity and wear male clothing in order to live as men in patriarchal northern Albanian society. National Geographic 's Taboo estimated that there were fewer than Albanian sworn virgins left. Other terms for a sworn virgin include, in English, Albanian virgin or avowed virgin ; in Albanian: The Kanun dictates that families must be patrilineal meaning wealth is inherited through a family's men and patrilocal upon marriage, a woman moves into the household of her husband's family.
Abused by gangsters, disowned by their families, and let down by the state, Albanian women who were trafficked as sex slaves face an uphill battle to build new lives. Their territory is just a couple of kilometres from the city's central square, the Grand Place, where thousands of tourists flock every day, and from the EU institutions. After a coffee at a corner cafe around midday, the women wait for clients on the streets. Voluptuous, with long curly hair and big black eyes, year old Eva speaks without embarrassment about the clients she goes with, how much she charges, sexual positions and even the fights among the women who share the street.
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